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Perspective Prompts to Amplify Your 2021

2020 showed you what you are made of, and how resilient you are. Now let's take all those lessons to make 2021 your best year yet, regardless of what the Universe throws your way.

As one of my best friends said to me at the height of the pandemic, "This is it. Right now. This is your life. It's not when there's a vaccine. It's not when you can travel again. It's not when the pandemic is over. It's right now. Today."

It was a powerful reminder not to postpone gratitude until tomorrow or to delay taking action on big dreams. It was a nudge to seize the sweet nectar that life offers us today.

That conversation nudged me to find the silver linings during the pandemic. One of the big gifts of the last year was an abundance of time. Time to read the books on my long list. Time to journal about unusual memories made and thoughts had during this uncertain time in history. Time for long phone calls with people I hadn't spoken to in a while. Time to do crafts and make art. Time to play games with my stepdaughters. Time to go for walks with no end destination.

What can you do with today to make the most of its potential?

Imagine you are 85 years old and looking back on this day. What would you wish you would have done with your health, vitality, energy, resources, and time?

I often envision myself at 85 and dialogue with her. It helps me re-think wasting a night in front of the TV when I could be connecting, creating, or learning. It helps me appreciate my body's strength, flexibility, energy, and ease and it motivates me to work out. It reminds me that my days as a physical being are limited, and if I want to make my dreams a reality, the time to do the legwork is now.

Journaling Prompts

Imagine sitting down with your 85-year-old self for a cup of tea. Really visualize it. Look yourself in your sweet, wise eyes, then ask yourself the following:

What advice does this older, wiser version of me have?
What do they miss most about being my current age?
What untapped opportunities do they see right in front of me?
How do would they suggest I spend the next 24 hours?

Happy journaling!


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