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Soullo was created to help you connect more deeply with yourself and tap into the

wisdom of your soul

About Soullo

Soullo is a play on words: a meeting of soul & solo. It's about doing the inner work and learning to trust yourself. It's about spending time with yourself to find your own answers and connecting with tools to coach, heal, and empower yourself.

By carving out time to connect with your soul, you create space to hear your truth, gain clarity on what you truly want, love more deeply, discover your strength, and tune into your intuition.

My custom numerology reports are a great starting point, as they offer a glimpse into the secret energy of your soul. My guided journals help you get unstuck in any area of your life. Tarot sessions help you consult your intuition and explore the subconscious beliefs affecting what you manifest. And distance Reiki sessions can help unlock the powerful energies within you.


Hi, I'm Bianca!

I spent the first 30 years of my life as an anxious overthinker. I had big dreams, and even bigger fears that often held me back.

Then, in early 2018, I made a pact with the Universe. I surrendered my attachments to how I thought my life should look and I asked the Universe to guide me so I could live my best life. In exchange for guidance, I promised to take action.

Two weeks later, my long-term relationship ended out of the blue. I was crushed—but I also knew it was divinely guided. The Universe had a plan.

I trusted the process and kept my daily spiritual commitments. I meditated, journaled, pulled cards, and took inspired action every day.  

Things began to change rapidly and the wildest synchronicities started happening. Within three years, I met and married my soulmate, discovered my calling, and the photos on my vision board became my reality — the dream business, California, the forest house, the Jeep, and two wonderful girls. I can say with complete honesty and gratitude that I am living the life of my dreams.

There are many ways to manifest your biggest dreams, and spiritual tools like Reiki, tarot cards, and guided journaling can fast-track your efforts. They strengthen your intuition and inner guidance system, raise your vibration so you can attract things more quickly, and flood you with feelings of faith and fun along the way.

Are you ready to claim the brilliant life you know you're meant for? Let's connect!

My Background

Decades of "doing the work"

I've been dabbling in different healing modalities since my childhood in the 90s

15+ years of leadership experience 

I've lead marketing & communications teams since 2007



As a marketing consultant, I've worked with purpose-driven brands like lululemon and Headspace, as well as startups on a mission to make their mark on the world

Wife & stepmom

I'm married to my soulmate who has two incredible daughters that I'm beyond proud to be a stepmom to 

BA in Professional Communication

Royal Roads University 

Reiki Master

Trained under William Lee Rand and the International Center for Reiki Training

Life Coach 

Certified Coaches Federation 

Spiritual Life Coach

Transformation Academy 

Healers are

human too...

Things my clients don’t know about me at first glance:
  • One of the most difficult practices I’ve worked hard to master is calming my anxiety

  • When I have a hard time making decisions, I turn to my tarot cards and/or journal until I'm clear

  • I'm terrified of swimming in the ocean

  • I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles

  • I was born in Germany and moved to Canada when I was 3 years old

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