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Distance Reiki, Spiritual Coaching & Tarot Readings


Energy Healing Services
Distance Reiki & Spiritual Coaching

Soullo Reiki sessions include intention setting, guided visualization, energy healing, a card reading, and spiritual coaching to help you connect with your intuition. After each session, you’ll also receive a recap of key themes and journaling prompts to help you deepen your spiritual connection.

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Tarot Card Reading
Gain Insight into the Past, Present, or Future 

Tarot cards and oracle cards a wonderful way to connect with your intuition and gain deeper insight into who you are and what you want at a soul-level. My readings are collaborative and interactive. They are never prescriptive, nor scary. Rather than viewing tarot cards as fortune-telling tools, I see them as a window into the subconscious and a tool for self-development. At the start of our session, you'll have the opportunity to ask an open-ended question, or simply leave your message up to the Universe. At the end of your reading, you’ll receive a photo of your cards, a high-level summary, and journaling prompts for deeper reflection.


Birthday Magic
90 Minutes ($222)

The ultimate spiritual wellness package! This experience includes a custom Numerology Report + 12-month forecast, a tarot reading, and a one-hour healing session. It's the perfect gift to help you or someone you love set up for an abundant and magical year ahead. During the virtual healing session, we will discuss the past year and any emotional wounds or energetic blockages that may be lingering. We will also explore all the wonderful things you want to attract in the next year, and create space and balance in your energy body using Reiki to help you manifest your dreams.  

I leave every session feeling more grounded

Bianca's dedication to her craft, her thoughtfulness, and her understanding of energy has had a profoundly positive impact on both my mental and physical well being over the past years.


Whether I'm doing one of her guided journals or experiencing distance Reiki and card readings, I leave every session feeling more grounded, with a clear mind and open heart.

——Sara Panton, CEO of Vitruvi

I couldn't believe how much I needed these exact messages

The distance Reiki session I had with Bianca was magical. I felt completely held by her and the energy she was directing towards me. I felt layers of fear and thoughts shed from my mind, and calm take over my being. I felt connected—to the earth, to her, to myself. When I reconnected with Bianca after the Reiki, she shared two cards that she had pulled for me as part of our time together, and I couldn't believe how much I needed these exact messages. It was as if she was guided to see right into my soul. Bianca is truly a gift. 

— Felicitas Lind, artist & creative consultant

I had a lot of energy built up that needed to be cleared.

I have experienced the gifts of Reiki before, but never a distance Reiki session. When this season of isolation began, I felt I had a lot of energy built up that needed to be cleared and Bianca did just that.

Our session was thoughtfully planned, energizing and calming, and my tarot reading spoke exactly to what I had on my heart. It was an experience I'll never forget and one I'm truly grateful for. ​ Bianca is caring, calm, empathetic, grounded, and a true healer.

—Lisa Summerscales,
actress, writer and producer

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