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Journey into the magic of your soul

An intuitive approach to wellbeing and living in alignment

Take yourself on a spiritual wellness journey with guided journals, energy healing, intuitive coaching, and tarot readings.

Trust Your Intuition by Next Week

When it comes to big decisions, people often say to trust your intuition or “listen to your gut”. But if you’re an over-thinker, it can be hard to know what intuition actually feels like. With this free 7-day journaling guide, you'll learn to discover your intuition and consult with your wisest self by next week.

Have you

ever struggled to know what you truly want, deep in your soul?

Maybe you've wondered if you're in the right relationship, or ideal career. Maybe you've had a persistent dream, but your mind encourages you to play it safe. You can ignore your soul's whisper for a while, but ignore it for too long, and it can start to manifest in more physical ways (hello, anxiety). When you can learn to dialogue with your soul, however, you create an opening that guides you to live life with ease and alignment. 

Hi lovely,
I'm Bianca—a Reiki master, intuitive coach, and journaler here to help you connect with your wisest self.

I help growth-minded people tune into their inner guidance so they can work through sticky decisions, experience more love, and enjoy more flow and alignment. 


I believe you already have the answers you're seeking inside yourself, and tools like Reiki, intuitive coaching, and journaling can help you find them.


Work with me

Ready to take the next step on your spiritual wellness journey?



Reiki & Tarot

Release stagnant energy, feel more grounded, connect with your soul, and deeply relax with distance Reiki. Each session ends with intuitive coaching and an oracle card reading. If you're looking for intuitive guidance, book a tarot reading.



Guided Journals

Tap into the power of freewriting with guided journals that help you coach yourself, connect with your inner wisdom, and get clear on what you really want. You'll be amazed by what your words reveal to you as you write, and you'll come out feeling clear and empowered.




Discover the hidden energies of your birth date and name with the ancient art of numerology. Uncover your soul's mission in this lifetime, the lessons you'll encounter on your life path, the keys to your destiny, and the energies of the year and months ahead.

Kind Words

"I leave every session feeling more grounded"

Bianca's dedication to her craft, her thoughtfulness, and her understanding of energy has had a profoundly positive impact on both my mental and physical well being over the past years. Whether I'm doing one of her guided journals or experiencing distance Reiki and card readings, I leave every session feeling more grounded, with a clear mind and open heart.

—Sara Panton, CEO of Vitruvi

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for your soul

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