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Do you have that little


The one that keeps you awake at 2am saying - “I know we can do and be better"?

And are you one heck of a driven person who knows that more joy, ease and fulfillment is within reach? 

​(But it feels hard to grasp right now?)


If you know you’ve got the ambition and the unique gifts to help you soar… 


(But you can’t seem to connect the dots and get unstuck…) 

Well, I’m glad you landed here my friend, because you don’t have to go it alone anymore.


I offer 3 signature services for seekers and changemakers (just like you) who are ready to tap into their inner brilliance and create big change in their own life, and the lives of others.

"Britt always identifies that we already know the answers to the many questions we may have, we just need coaching to help the answers come to light.
i cannot recommend Britt enough for anyone looking for help and support along their journey."

— Krystal, VP Marketing



2-Hour Empower Session

Tired of asking everyone for advice and feeling stuck on how to move forward?


In this session, you’ll walk away with clarity, direction and a clear plan of action to get you the results you’re after.



3-Month Coaching Commitment

Is the status quo not cutting it anymore? Ready to invest in yourself for the results you've always dreamed of? (And make ‘em last?)


A 1:1 coaching experience might be just the ticket!



4-Week Coaching

One month to unleash your feminine side? Challenge accepted. Over a series of four weekly coaching sessions and utilizing my customized weekly training plan for you, we'll dive deep into the femininity support you need the most.

Why work      with Britt?

I present: a word cloud from my favourite clients…


  • ​compassionate 

  • insightful

  • easy to open up to

  • an invaluable business resource

  • not afraid to ask tough questions

  • connects themes in life and business

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