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How Does Distance Reiki Work?

The Power of Remote Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that allows a practitioner to channel loving, intelligent life force energy and direct it to any recipient, from humans to animals, plants, crystals, and beyond. All it takes from the side of the recipient is to be open to receiving the energy. The benefits can be received even more strongly if the recipient is in a quiet place where they feel safe, comfortable, and fully relaxed.

Because Reiki is energy, it is not confined to the limitations of the physical world. Distance Reiki, also known as Distant Reiki, Remote Reiki, or Virtual Reiki, can transcend time and space. Not only can Reiki be used to heal across physical distances, it can also be sent to past and future events.

How to Receive Reiki

The only thing required to receive Distance Reiki is your willingness to receive it. Simply hold the intention to allow Reiki to flow to you, then relax and be open to whatever deep relaxation or healing might occur.

While receiving Reiki, I like to lie on my back with my palms up, eyes closed, and with meditation music on to drown out any outside noises, but you can cultivate any practice that makes you feel safe to open up and receive.

"Since Reiki is guided by spiritual consciousness, it can never cause harm. You can never give too little or too much Reiki. If all you have is a few minutes to give Reiki, go ahead. Reiki will always help." - William Lee Rand

What Reiki Feels Like

As you receive Reiki, life force energy will flow to the places in your body and chakras where you need healing, opening, or balancing. Everyone will have a different Reiki experience, and your experience might even vary from session to session. Some people experience heat or tingling in various parts of their bodies. Others might feel a jolt of energy, current of love, or a deep sense of peace. You may have beautiful visions or spontaneous insights.

Whatever happens, I invite you to trust the process and allow love and light to work their magic on you.

The Hermetic Law of Similarity

Distance Reiki is based on the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which states that we are all made of energy and connected to a larger whole. In other words, we are all one.

By invoking this law, a Reiki practitioner can link any object (such as a photo, crystal, flower, stuffed animal, or written words) to the recipient’s energy field and send them Reiki, regardless of where they are. Distance Reiki can also be used to transcend time in order to help heal trauma or blockages from the past or to help manifest future outcomes.

Book a Distance Reiki Session

Ready to experience Distance Reiki? As a certified Reiki Master, I can connect with you wherever you are in the world. Together, we can work on anything in your current energy field, send loving energy to old emotional wounds, or nurture an abundance mentally to help you manifest the future of your dreams.


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