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How to Use Crystals for Intention-Setting

Crystals for business

I recently did an IG Live with Vitina from Align Creative Minds in which I shared my thoughts on how anyone can benefit from using crystals, even if they're not into metaphysical and witchy things. We also covered my 5 must-have crystals to support your business, and how you can use crystals in your everyday self-care.

As one of Vitina's former Abundant Brand students, I was grateful to connect with her and talk about two of my favorite things: crystals and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, our IG Live didn't save, so I wanted to recap some of my thoughts on crystals for the less woo-woo folks out there.

Why you should start using crystals, even if you're not into the woo

Okay, dear reader, this is something I'm really passionate about. You don't have to believe that crystals have magic powers in order for them to enhance your life. In fact, I was surrounded by crystals growing up (thanks, mom!) but had no idea that they are believed to have major healing attributes. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I discovered the metaphysical properties of crystals and around 2010, I got deep into it when my mom and I designed a line of healing jewelry.

I can lean pretty far into the woo now, but crystals enhanced my life well before the woo kicked in. I know they can bring a whole lot of sparkle and magic into your life, too. Here are two powerful ways:

Using crystals for intention settings

Crystals are a beautiful tool for setting intentions and reminding us of those intentions later on. For example, if my intention is to have an open heart and be kind to others, I might place a piece of rose quartz on my desk so I can see it all day while I work.

The metaphysical properties of rose quartz include heart-opening, promoting love in all forms (from romance to friendships, family, and self-love). Rose quartz is said to work on the heart chakra and support emotional healing. It's good for forgiveness and compassion. In other words, it checks all the boxes of my intention, and every time I look at my rose quartz, I remember to take a breathe and choose loving kindness.

Now, whether it's the crystal wielding its magic powers over me, or my mindset, if my intention is in motion, and the desired changes are happening, does it really matter?

By the way, if you want to freestyle, you can choose any crystal you like and bestow it with your intention of choice. No need to stick with the metaphysical properties others believe in. This is your process. It has to resonate with you, and you alone.

Using crystals as tangible affirmations

If you've read anything about mindset, positive psychology, or the law of attraction, you're probably already familiar with the power of affirmations. By repeating positive statements in the present tense, you can help your brain overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and help reprogram your mind for more success, love, happiness, or whatever else you want more of in your life.

To supercharge your affirmations, choose any crystal that resonates with you, or do some googling to see which crystals align with those energies, then hold your crystal while you repeat your affirmation. Do this daily, and soon seeing that crystal will a) remind you to say your affirmation, b) remind you of who you need to be in order to attract that thing you so badly want.


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